Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition:

You are subject to certain binding terms and conditions when you are taking services from Creators and intend to make online payments at Creators. Creators reserves the right to make amendments in the terms without any prior notice, all the updates would again be subject to the terms and conditions. Any further subsequent use of services would be considered an agreement towards the changes made by the organization.

Terms of Service:

You must be a human and of age 18 years or more to avail the services. Creators service is only to be delivered through phone, chat and e-mail.
Creators shall not be held liable for loss or damage as a result of failure to comply with a credentials and device security obligations. In case of any loss or damage occurring due to decline of authorization for any transaction, or the cardholder exceeding the mutually agreed limits imposed by the concerned bank, as a merchant i-creators.com is not liable.

Payment, Upgrading and Downgrading Terms:

User must have a valid credit /debit card for availing the online services. The support plan starts the day on which the agreement is signed and payment is realized. Creators holds the right to accept or reject a demand made via credit/debit card.For subscription plans, the service is billed in advance and is non-refundable for the same subscription cycle.The charges are inclusive of all taxes. No credentials of customers are stored by Creators.

Cancellation of Service and Termination of Account:

If in case the client demands the termination of account, an email should be sent to Creators regarding account termination and service cancellation. Cancellation of the service before the billing date of subscription would be immediate and client would not be charged again. Any data related to client and account would be archived on our servers for any future reference.
Creators reserves the right to terminate or suspend an active account and refusal of any further services in case of violation of our terms or if found indulged in unauthorized use of service, access to portals or database, data theft and abusive behavior.
Creators reserves the right to modify the services and prices or refusal to services to a client at any time and has the right to discontinue and suspend the service without any prior notice.

Billing Terms:

Client needs to authorize Creators to charge or place a hold on the credit/debit card with respect to any unpaid charges at the time of payment and maybe asked to provide with a valid credit/debit card number in certain instances, while authorizing the card issuing authority to pay the amount even in absence of a signed receipt.
The authorization to bill credit cards and accept pays is granted to billing agents of Creators. Creators is not liable in case of insufficient funds or other levied charges or payment holds placed on the card.
If a client requests to replace the credit with a debit card, Creators holds the right to impose the rightful charges on the same debit card.